Schools in Sweden

  There are many different schools to attend in Sweden. Most common for people studying abroad and coming to Sweden is for studying at universities or university colleges, but some are also attending Swedish high school called gymnasiet.

Popular Universities in Sweden

In Sweden, there are 14 different universities and 17 university colleges which are publicly owned and there is also a great number of independent institutions which provided education on the same level.

Some of the most popular universities in Sweden are listed and linked to below:

What is the difference between a university and a university college?

What is the difference between a university and a university college?

What differs a Swedish university from a university college is that a universities have the right to award doctoral degrees and are also most often offering a greater variety of academic subjects. In Swedish a university is called universitet, while a university college is called högskola.

Why should you study at university?


There are many jobs out there for which you require either a bachelor's degree or a master's degree such as engineering, accounting, law, medicine etc. If you want a job in the areas mentioned above, or in any other profession for which a degree is required, there you have a great argument why you should start study at university. Graduate from university is respected worldwide and you have a greater possibility to get employed.

Most often, university graduates are given a higher wage which long term provides a greater financial stability.

Study at university also gives you the chance to gain new experience and knowledge within different areas and encourages independent thoughts.

Why should you study in Sweden?

If you are a Swedish citizen, university is free and you do not have to pay any tuition fee. For the public universities, Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes are also free for EU citizens. The tuition fee is paid by the government. The government even pays the students a monthly stipend through CSN, Swedish Board of Student Finance.

In Sweden, much of the education emphasis on working in groups and independent study rather than just lectures. Much focus is on individual responsibility and freedom. Many courses ad programs are also taught in English, which is preferable for students coming from abroad.

There are also lots of student unions at every university in Sweden, in which you can join or participate in activities. THe events will help you get to know new people and take a great part of the student life.

More facts about the Swedish Schools in Swedish

You can find much more interesting information and facts about school in Swedish at the links below, but also some funny things about the Swedish Education System.

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