Chalmers University of Technology - CTH

Chalmers University of Technology - CTH

Chalmers university, Chalmers Tekniska Högskola - CTH, is split into two different campuses in Gothenburg, one which is placed in Johanneberg and the other at Lindhomen. Campus Johanneberg is the largest, where most of the engineering programmes which are including a master of science are taught at where as Campus Lindholmen is where the bachelor of engineering programmes are taught.

Chalmers is a highly progressive international university. Out of 10 000 students, are 10% of the students international master’s students.


Chalmers was established as a private university in 1829. Today, it is a foundation owned by Chalmers tekniska högskola AB. Chalmers University of Technology has since it was founded been deeply rooted in the needs of the industry and involved in societal development ever since.


According to QS World University Rankings, Chalmers University of Technology is ranked top 150 in the world. Academic subjects such as Telecommunication Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Engineering and Telecommunication Engineering are highest ranked at Chalmers university.

Bachelor's and Master's Programmes

There are about 40 different master's programmes offered at Chalmers which are taught in English.

Possibilities for an exchange

Chalmers offers exchange programs to many different universities - both with Erasmus, meaning exchanges to other places in Europe, and worldwide. For example you are as a student able to go on an exchange to countries like India, Germany, France and Switzerland as well as China and Pakistan.

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